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KlearTaq HiFi is a unique blend of Klear Taq DNA polymerase and a proof-reading polymerase with 3' to 5' exonuclease activity.

Klear Taq Hi-Fi polymerase exhibits optimal activity at 75ºC and a half-life of approximately 45 min at 94ºC.

Klear Taq is inactivated using KBiosciences' proprietary method. The activation completely prevents non-specific primer annealing and the formation of primer-dimers during setup. However it is important to note that this enzyme will require a 15 min activation period at 94 or 95ºC prior to PCR.

The Klear Taq Hi-Fi blend has an error rate of approximately 4.0 x 10-6 errors per nucleotide incorporation event.

By adding a proof-reading polymerase to Klear Taq, the resulting blend has the high fidelity associated with proof-reading enzymes and the speed of Klear Taq polymerase.

Klear Taq Hi-Fi enzymes are highly purified by column-chromatography and are free of any contaminating exonuclease and endonuclease activities.


Klear Taq Hi-Fi is suited to the following applications:
Generate amplicons over 10 kb on genomic templates or 40 kb on less complex DNA
Sequencing or Cloning
Standard PCR of genomic, viral and plasmid templates.

Concentration: 5 Units/μl
Unit Definition: One unit is defined as the amount of enzyme that incorporates 10 nanomoles of dNTPs into acid- insoluble form in 30 minutes at 72°C.

KlearTaq Hi-Fi is designed for use in applications requiring very low error rates such as DNA sequencing or cloning experiments, and long PCRs. It can be used with templates such as BACs, cosmids and l clones as well as with high molecular weight gDNA.

The KlearTaq HiFi kit is supplied with a 10x reaction buffer. This buffer contains MgCl2 (at 1.8mM final concentration) and detergent. A separate tube of 50mM MgCl2 is also included for optimization.

KBioscience can provide customized reaction buffers to meet your needs, e.g. without detergents, or made to specific concentrations of MgCl2. Please contact KBiosciences to discuss supply of any custom buffer that may be required.

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